Florence Flamingo Decal Pack Loveberry Midi A2
Florence Flamingo Decal Pack Loveberry Midi A2
Florence Flamingo Decal Pack Loveberry Midi A2

Florence Flamingo Decal Pack Loveberry Midi A2

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Florence Flamingo is sassy, witty & classy. She loves to dance the Flamenco! She’s the first to shout “dance with me!” Cause she’s so much fun, don’t you see. If you haven’t met her yet, you’ve just gotta believe it, she’ll have you spinning and begging her to let go!

Our beautiful fabric wall decals are made to order in Australia from high quality, non toxic materials and painted by me!

They are an easy peel and stick fabric. They are block out so they can even be placed over dark painted walls or layered on top of each other.

Reusable & repositionable, so you can use them differently over and over again and will not damage your walls. Perfect for renters!

Product Information

Midi Size:
Consists of:
(1 x A2 sheet of 42cm x 59.4cm of decal)
1 x Flamingo (measuring approx 55cm tall) and 8 flowers (ranging from 9cm-15cm). Colour matches our Loveberry floral decal packs! 

Your wall decals will be carefully packed and then posted in a sturdy mailing tube to ensure it's safe arrival to you. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to be shipped as items are made to order.

Choking hazard! Wall decals and packaging are not toys, thin film may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing. Please keep out of reach of children under 3 to avoid a suffocation risk!!!


I've just painted my walls. How long do I have to wait before I can apply my decals?
We recommend waiting for 4 weeks after painting your walls. This ensures that the paint has completely cured and will not deteriorate.

Can I apply my decals onto a textured wall?
Our decals require a flat, dry and clean wall to adhere. We do not recommend using decals on textured surfaces such as textured paint, cement render or brick etc as they will likely not adhere.

How do I apply my decals?
1) Clean the wall surface with a damp, soft cloth, ensuring no loose paint, dirt or grime. Do not use any chemicals when cleaning and do not allow the decal backing to touch anything other than the wall as it may then lose it's stick!
2) Place the decal gently on the wall and use your hand to smooth down the decal. We recommend starting from the centre and smoothing in an outward motion to avoid bubbles.
3) If you're not happy with the placement, simply peel back off and try again!

What if I have dark coloured walls?

No problems! Our decals are block out, which means that the wall colour won't show through the decal. You can also layer decals over each other for a clustered look!

Will decals damage my walls?

Aslong as you follow the above instructions, they won't damage your walls or leave a sticky residue. So easy!

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