5 easy tips for styling a small space

how to style style tips

Do you have a space that is on the smaller side? Have you ever been in a dark room and feel like the walls are coming in on you?

I know I have and it’s not relaxing, for us or our children. But fortunately there are some simple changes that will instantly make your space feel a lot calmer and bigger.

1. Light! 

Natural light is 120% your friend. Switch to sheer curtains to let the light             shine in as much as possible. Hang them high up on the wall, to draw the eye up and give the illusion of height! 

    Include mirrors to help bounce light around the room too. I like to try and place them opposite the window, to have maximum affect. You could even try the current trend of grouping a few together as below. Hunter and Nomad is my current decor store crush!

    (Credit: www.instagram.com/newdarlings)

    2. Wall paint! 

    Keep it white or light! White is going to always bounce off the most light, it’s a scientific fact. Plus it’s pretty! My favourite white paint is Dulux ‘natural white.’ It’s so versatile can be combined with warm, neutral and cool greyish tones too.

    The beauty of white is you have a neutral, bright palette to style and change colours as you please with accessories, wall decals or artworks! If that doesn’t cut it, why not paint the bottom half of the wall the colour of your dreams and leave the top half white as below?   

    If you’ve got a small room with minimal light, it’ll likely appear darker in person than the instore sample. So definitely try a sample before buying a tin. 

    (Credit: www.instagram.com/miniundstill)

    3. Proportions! 

    Did you know that items that are both too small or too large for the room will make your space look smaller and make you feel uncomfortable?

    Too many small items in your room, will make it look cluttered and actually emphasise how small the room is. It also goes without saying that too many large bulky items taking up vital real estate will do the same.

    Aim to decorate with pieces that are tailored to your space.

    4. De-clutter with storage! 

      Try to add as much storage as possible to reduce clutter on the eyes and free up floor space for little ones to play to their heart’s content.

      We have purchased the Trofast toy storage system in natural wood, then added some white plastic Trofast storage buckets into them to suit the look I wanted. I am a huge fan as it’s made cleaning the playroom sooo easy. I literally can just throw all the toys in the deep storage buckets and I’m done. They are also great to teach kids about cleaning up their own mess.

      Wall storage!

      Add storage to the walls to free up vital floor space and add interest. Think shelves and hanging racks.

      (Credit: www.instagram.com/3elkenkinder)

      5. Multifunctional items that will grow with your kids!

        Try and use items that can be used for multiple purposes to reduce clutter and free up space.
        For example, we recently purchased the Flisat table with two Trofast buckets for storage. This table is currently being used as a sensory set up and storage. But can also be used as a table and storage for stationary.

        Our Trofast toy storage is so sturdy too, that as my son grows, we can add some pillows and use it as a reading nook, or even a shoe storage system and bench seat.

        (I feel like I should mention at this point, this is in no way sponsored by Ikea. Just a big fun of function and storage over here).

        Why not give some of these tips a go this weekend? I’d love to hear from you below or see before and afters!

        Elyse xo

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